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Open Hours 
Sunday - Closed
Monday - 9AM to 5PM
Tuesday - 9AM to 5PM
Wednesday - 9AM to 1PM
Thursday - 9AM to 5PM
Friday - 9AM to 5PM
Saturday - 10AM to 2PM

Our goal here at Affordable Computers is to make a living by serving our community to the very best of our ability. To that end, we will not only provide you a solution to your current problem, but we will strive to help you understand why and how things happen so that you can be better prepared going forward.

Unlike many computer shops, we do not have a huge inventory of parts in stock. Rather, we keep monitoring all of our local suppliers and will happily refer you to them or order in parts to fulfill your needs. We are very much a service oriented business so if you have a question about what you should do, please give us a call as we are happy to help.

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